Place OF 1000 MIRRORS

Long back in a little, far away town, there was put known as the Place of 1000 Mirrors

A little, glad little pooch educated of this place and chose to visit. When he arrived, he ricocheted cheerfully up the stairs to the entryway of the house.

He glanced through the entryway with his ears lifted high and his tail swaying as quick as possible. To his incredible amazement, he ended up gazing at 1000 other upbeat little puppies with their tails swaying similarly as quick as his. He grinned an incredible grin, and was replied with 1000 extraordinary grins similarly as warm and agreeable. As he went out, he contemplated internally, ” This is a brilliant place. I will return and visit it regularly.”

In this equivalent town, another little puppy, who was not exactly as glad as the first, chose to visit the house. He gradually climbed the stairs and hung his head low as he investigated the entryway.

When he saw the 1000 unpleasant looking canines gazing back at him, he snarled at them and was stunned to see 1000 little mutts snarling back at him. As he left, he contemplated internally, "That is an appalling spot, and I will never return there again.”

Every one of the countenances on the planet are mirrors. What sort of reflections do you find in the essences of the general population you meet?

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