L☼ve Lust & Marriage

LOVE – When your eyes meet over a swarmed room.

LUST –  When your tongues meet over a swarmed room.

MARRIAGE – When you attempt to lose your life partner in a swarmed room.

LOVE – When intercourse is designated "having intercourse.”

LUST – When intercourse is designated "screwing.”

MARRIAGE – When intercourse is a town in Pennsylvania. There truly is one.

LOVE – When you contend over what number of youngsters to have.

LUST – When you contend over who gets the wet spot?

MARRIAGE – When you contend over whose thought it was to have children.

LOVE – When you share all that you claim.

LUST – When you take all that they possess.

MARRIAGE – When the bank possesses everything.

LOVE – When it doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you don’t peak.

LUST – When the relationship is finished in the event that you don’t peak.

MARRIAGE – When . . . uh . . . what’s a peak?

LOVE – When you telephone each other just to state, "Greetings.”

LUST – When you telephone each other to pick an inn room.

MARRIAGE – When you telephone each other to ***** about work.

LOVE – When you compose ballads about your accomplice.

LUST – When all you compose is your telephone number.

MARRIAGE – When all you compose is checks.

LOVE – When your solitary concern is for your accomplice’s emotions.

LUST – When your solitary concern is to discover a stay with mirrors all-round.

MARRIAGE – When you’re just concern is what’s on T.V.

LOVE – When you are glad to be found out in the open with your accomplice.

LUST – When you just observe each other exposed.

MARRIAGE – When you never observe each other alert.

LOVE – When your heart vacillates each time you see them.

LUST – When your crotch jerks each time you see them.

MARRIAGE – When your wallet purges each time you see them.

LOVE – When every one of the melodies on the radio portray precisely how you feel.

LUST – When the tune on the radio decides how you do it.

MARRIAGE – When you tune in to talk radio.

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